Monday, 9 January 2017

Why Your SEO Strategy Should Give a Higher Focus to Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is the gateway to reaching a higher number of potential customers building more online traffic that translates to more profits for your business. However, this is the gateway that is yet to be fully tapped. Nevertheless, the projections of the next three years show that more than half the current number of Internet users will be using the World Wide Web via the cell phones and other portable devices.

Mobile marketing brings in a more personalized and interactive relationship with online users. Think of it not as a means of sending unlimited text messages and emails to your customers but a mobile-friendly approach to reach a greater online audience with mobile web and web-based cell phone applications. According to current statistics, there is a cutthroat competition within the mobile direct marketing arena, and it is relentless and ever-growing. Make sure to check your site first with responsive web design tester tool.

Increase in Online Mobile Users and Customers 

The number of cellphone users is currently over 4 billion, and this means the number of cell phone owners is five times that of computer and laptop owners that use home internet. Various IT research and wed development companies predict that the next three years will see more than half the current number of Internet users using portable devices such as phones and tablets to access the internet. It is a simple conclusion derived from the fact that the current generation is very “digital conscious” and thus is always hungry for technologies that make it simple to communicated, buy, and do other life activities while “on-the-go.”

It is projected that the opportunities for mobile transactions will increase as the number of mobile users increases, most of whom will use it to purchase and pay for goods and services. According to some survey findings, there is a growing global trend mobile-based internet activity that includes online transactions done via phones. It is a trend seen across Africa, Asia, the Middle East, America, and Western Europe. The survey showed 90% of the respondents had made direct purchases of goods and services using their mobile phones.

The Growing Mobile Marketing Trend 

Mobile marketing is still relatively a new practice though it has resulted in an increase in potential target audiences. Mobile marketing is a marketing campaign that incorporates the use of mobile devices such as cellphones to assess the internet or offline communication options such as text messaging for a business to communicate with its customers. Around 30% of the online marketers are currently using various forms of mobile marketing, which shows a significant growth as various supports sources such as magazines and other forms of services popping up to avail the necessary information.

However, mobile advertising has shown a huge growth in the last two years or so, with an almost 100% growth across all continents. As more and more universal portable devices keep emerging and the new technology advanced mobile broadband, coupled with the changing consumer behavior, the growth in mobile marketing is most likely to accelerate. Marketing vendors seem acutely aware of this fact with some coming up with unique marketing strategies such as Do-it-Yourself mobile marketing campaigns that are easy to run via a PC and phones.

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