Saturday, 21 January 2017

When SEO Depends On Quality Web Design - Attributes Of Responsive Website Design

The everyday online user is less aware of how important a responsive website design is to the success of not just the site by every other related use of the site, be it business or social purposes. Professional website design services are a vital support that most web-based businesses need to stay afloat, without which the sites may miss the much-needed daily visitors (online traffic). Hence, hiring the right provider for such services is an unspoken requirement for every online business that seeks to make its mark on the World Wide Web.

When it comes to SEO, having a good website regarding design is one thing and having a website design that is responsive in various areas of its use is another. Here are some of the essential qualities that signify that website design is responsive. Knowing these conditions will help you understand the importance of website design. Therein, you will know which services to expect when having a website designed or developed for your business.

A Flawless Navigation 

A good website design should result in a site that is easy to navigate. Having the right image is important. In business, the image is often a huge deal; image is everything, and most people are often too quick to settle for a great looking site. If it is easy to the eye, it will rake in more visitors. However, those visitors are bound to bail and opt to visit other sites if they cannot navigate from one page to the next. Use website screenshot generator tool to get some insights on this.

Outstanding UI 

You should aim at having a user-friendly site that offers what every visitor expects. Most website developers or designers create sites considering certain factors that include the product marketed on the website and target audience. Usability is a critical element, and the site should be accessible by all who visit. The fonts need to be large, vivid colors, readable, and with a good navigation. This brings in the need to consider a good responsive web design tester tool. New standard set by Google, Bing, and other search engines stipulate that the UI should offer a flawless response for both mobile-based and computer base online users.

Brand Identity 

A good website design offers a visual language that businesses can use to market their brand across different contexts. Things such as the company logo, cards, products, and services all work as a coherent whole with the website design resulting in an online brand identity. With a good response and website design measures in place, the identity can be consistent thus creating an unforgettable impression.

Content Support 

When all else is said and done, the content on a site is what fuels its existence. Post irrelevant content and the site loses meaning to all visitors. However, you need to have good content; people opt to exert less effort when trying to comprehend what you are expressing on your website.

Exudes Professionalism 

A well-built website is a definite hint of some professional features incorporated into its design, which create a picture of professionalism in what the business has to offer. Everything from the website logo to the website page speed, the interface, and content all stand out to form a singular demonstration of uniqueness, a fit that a good website response can offer.

Monday, 9 January 2017

Why Your SEO Strategy Should Give a Higher Focus to Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is the gateway to reaching a higher number of potential customers building more online traffic that translates to more profits for your business. However, this is the gateway that is yet to be fully tapped. Nevertheless, the projections of the next three years show that more than half the current number of Internet users will be using the World Wide Web via the cell phones and other portable devices.

Mobile marketing brings in a more personalized and interactive relationship with online users. Think of it not as a means of sending unlimited text messages and emails to your customers but a mobile-friendly approach to reach a greater online audience with mobile web and web-based cell phone applications. According to current statistics, there is a cutthroat competition within the mobile direct marketing arena, and it is relentless and ever-growing. Make sure to check your site first with responsive web design tester tool.

Increase in Online Mobile Users and Customers 

The number of cellphone users is currently over 4 billion, and this means the number of cell phone owners is five times that of computer and laptop owners that use home internet. Various IT research and wed development companies predict that the next three years will see more than half the current number of Internet users using portable devices such as phones and tablets to access the internet. It is a simple conclusion derived from the fact that the current generation is very “digital conscious” and thus is always hungry for technologies that make it simple to communicated, buy, and do other life activities while “on-the-go.”

It is projected that the opportunities for mobile transactions will increase as the number of mobile users increases, most of whom will use it to purchase and pay for goods and services. According to some survey findings, there is a growing global trend mobile-based internet activity that includes online transactions done via phones. It is a trend seen across Africa, Asia, the Middle East, America, and Western Europe. The survey showed 90% of the respondents had made direct purchases of goods and services using their mobile phones.

The Growing Mobile Marketing Trend 

Mobile marketing is still relatively a new practice though it has resulted in an increase in potential target audiences. Mobile marketing is a marketing campaign that incorporates the use of mobile devices such as cellphones to assess the internet or offline communication options such as text messaging for a business to communicate with its customers. Around 30% of the online marketers are currently using various forms of mobile marketing, which shows a significant growth as various supports sources such as magazines and other forms of services popping up to avail the necessary information.

However, mobile advertising has shown a huge growth in the last two years or so, with an almost 100% growth across all continents. As more and more universal portable devices keep emerging and the new technology advanced mobile broadband, coupled with the changing consumer behavior, the growth in mobile marketing is most likely to accelerate. Marketing vendors seem acutely aware of this fact with some coming up with unique marketing strategies such as Do-it-Yourself mobile marketing campaigns that are easy to run via a PC and phones.

Monday, 19 December 2016

5 Simple Yet Highly Effective SEO Tips for Local Businesses

Doing SEO is never a complicated affair; in fact, just the basic optimization techniques can transform your business’ online position and influence. SEO is a tool that can put a local business on an international platform while still giving in a huge local presence. Here are some five SEO tips that you can use for your local business online.

Have a Solid Web Presence 

Your business might be the best in the industry with top-notch products or services, but all that is offline. Things are very different, online. Your business will only be as relevant as its online presence. Therefore, ensure that you have a solid authority on the web. It is not just about good SEO, and you need to have a site that is accessible and easy to navigate across different platforms. Bear in mind that having a mobile-friendly website and using mobile-friendly SEO tactics has gained a great push from Google, so think in those lines and you will give your business a solid online presence. Use responsive web design tester tool to check if your site is mobile friendly or not.

Put Your Customer First 

The ultimate goal of doing any SEO is to get your target audience to see your business. It pays to avoid over obsessing on your optimization efforts forgetting that your customer always comes first. You should use good content but not just for the search engines, for your target audience as well. Think of your clients when generating content for your website making sure the information is relevant and current based on current trends and customer expectation.

Connect with Your Customers 

So you have to know how to connect with your clients, which is the objective of doing search engine optimization. All the elements – good content, use of Meta tags, link building, and all the other optimization tools and techniques – should get you close to your target audience. Doing a bit of online marketing will help, and part of these efforts will include things such as email marketing coupled with your efforts to take advantage of Google+ and Google Hangouts. Leveraging social media will also be a very effective measure. Engage your customers on social networks holding various conversations that do not necessarily have to be related to your business. Connect, share, and build a relationship that is not just business oriented.

Keep Things Local 

The internet is a vast global marketplace. Though your search engine optimization efforts for your local business will place it on the global map, your efforts should start focused on reaching the local market. For instance, if you optimize your website, concentrate on creating locally-specific pages. Make use of Google local listing to ensure that your business can be found online via searches on the local directories. Think of it this way, if your business is in California, it makes business sense to want people in California to find your business easily more than other people elsewhere in the world. Therefore, you need to drill down your SEO efforts to a target location or place.

Seek Reviews 

As you seek reviews, always remember that the customer is king, the customer is always right. You need to have a positive outlook on all reviews, the good and the bad. Reviews give you an open idea of what your target market things about your business. You can use this information to make the necessary changes that will not only better your products or services both offline and online.

Friday, 20 May 2016

Top 5 Best Alternatives of Google Search Engine

Search Engines are almost the most important part of our life. For every information you want to search for on the internet, all you have to do is to put your query in the search engine box and leave the rest it. Next moment, millions of results would pop up on the screen. Google, undoubtedly, leads the way as the best search engine present out there with a majority of people preferring it over others. Besides, there are quite a lot more different web search engines and ZenSeoTools which are probably good enough for our daily use. Some of them are listed below.


The Microsoft backed web search engine was introduced to us in 2009 by Steve Balmer, Microsoft CEO. It succeeded Microsoft’s previous search engines such as MSN Search, Live Search and Windows Live Search. The search engine is able to prosecute your queries in a variety of different services such as text, audio, video, images and map results. Bing is easily the second largest search engine prevalent in US, according to a survey in November 2015, with just 20% query volume. Google leads the chart with 64%.


The Yahoo Search Engine is powered by Yahoo inc. and was launched in the year 1995. However, Yahoo was originally known for being an interface. It used to send queries generated using different search engines to us from their interface. The search engine was backed up by Inktomi in 2001 whilst Google helped it out till the year 2004. Later on, in 2009, Yahoo and Microsoft signed a deal between them for Bing interface to crop up whilst searching on Yahoo. As of now, Bing is the third most used search engine in US with 13% query requests.


Baidu is the most used search engine from China. It was initially founded and launched on January 1, 2000. The Chinese backed search engine is ranked 4th in the overall Alexa Internet rankings. Baidu is able to provide its user with 58 different services including search options for images, text, web articles, audio, videos, maps and a unique Chinese dictionary. Besides, Baidu is the first in China to offer WAP and PDA based mobile services.


Despite a market share of a paltry 0.59%, AOL is still one of the top most used web search engines available to us. started out as Control Video Corporation back in the year 1983. Later, it was renamed and rebranded as America Online in the year 1991 before finally switching to AOL Inc in 2009. Verizon Communications have recently bought the search engine for a whopping $4.4 billion. 

The only web search engine which is in the format of a questionnaire is Earlier it was known as Ask Jeeves when it was founded in the year 1995. involves a web based community where people would be responding to your queries and questions. If there are no answers to your questions, then the search engine will take help of many other third party applications to provide you with relevant results.


Google leads the web based search engine by a long way but many other new and old search engines are slowly closing the gap up top with Bing and Yahoo being the largest contributors to the cause. The list is created keeping things in mind such as the speed and accuracy of the results the search engine provides besides its market share and number of people who use them.