Monday, 19 December 2016

5 Simple Yet Highly Effective SEO Tips for Local Businesses

Doing SEO is never a complicated affair; in fact, just the basic optimization techniques can transform your business’ online position and influence. SEO is a tool that can put a local business on an international platform while still giving in a huge local presence. Here are some five SEO tips that you can use for your local business online.

Have a Solid Web Presence 

Your business might be the best in the industry with top-notch products or services, but all that is offline. Things are very different, online. Your business will only be as relevant as its online presence. Therefore, ensure that you have a solid authority on the web. It is not just about good SEO, and you need to have a site that is accessible and easy to navigate across different platforms. Bear in mind that having a mobile-friendly website and using mobile-friendly SEO tactics has gained a great push from Google, so think in those lines and you will give your business a solid online presence. Use responsive web design tester tool to check if your site is mobile friendly or not.

Put Your Customer First 

The ultimate goal of doing any SEO is to get your target audience to see your business. It pays to avoid over obsessing on your optimization efforts forgetting that your customer always comes first. You should use good content but not just for the search engines, for your target audience as well. Think of your clients when generating content for your website making sure the information is relevant and current based on current trends and customer expectation.

Connect with Your Customers 

So you have to know how to connect with your clients, which is the objective of doing search engine optimization. All the elements – good content, use of Meta tags, link building, and all the other optimization tools and techniques – should get you close to your target audience. Doing a bit of online marketing will help, and part of these efforts will include things such as email marketing coupled with your efforts to take advantage of Google+ and Google Hangouts. Leveraging social media will also be a very effective measure. Engage your customers on social networks holding various conversations that do not necessarily have to be related to your business. Connect, share, and build a relationship that is not just business oriented.

Keep Things Local 

The internet is a vast global marketplace. Though your search engine optimization efforts for your local business will place it on the global map, your efforts should start focused on reaching the local market. For instance, if you optimize your website, concentrate on creating locally-specific pages. Make use of Google local listing to ensure that your business can be found online via searches on the local directories. Think of it this way, if your business is in California, it makes business sense to want people in California to find your business easily more than other people elsewhere in the world. Therefore, you need to drill down your SEO efforts to a target location or place.

Seek Reviews 

As you seek reviews, always remember that the customer is king, the customer is always right. You need to have a positive outlook on all reviews, the good and the bad. Reviews give you an open idea of what your target market things about your business. You can use this information to make the necessary changes that will not only better your products or services both offline and online.